Dancing Crane Company - About Us

We would like you to get to know us

Our organization is Dancing Crane, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means we are created for the purpose of providing cultural services as part of the arts community, our primary aims are not financial but artistic, and any contributions to us are tax deductible.

We are specialists in Georgian Performance Arts and our Georgian Cultural Center in Brooklyn serves as a school, as the home of our performing ensembles and as a venue for many special events, performances, art exhibits and cultural programs. We were formed in 1996, gave our first full concert in 1997 and incorporated in 1999. Our Georgian Dance Ensemble and our Musical Ensemble were formed during this period with professional immigrant artists and have presented hundreds of concerts of Georgian dance and music as well as workshops, classes and lecture demonstrations. We established our Georgian Theater of New York in 2008 as the only professional Georgian repertory company in New York.

Our emphasis has consistently been to create a home in New York for living Georgian traditions.

During the past several years we have put more emphasis on education and the development of innovative programs that encompass several disciplines. We began our Georgian theater company in 2008. We write our own plays. We opened our first studio in Brooklyn in 2009 and in 2011 moved to a larger space where our Georgian School-Studio of the Arts has a growing program of children’s classes and performance in Georgian dance, music, theater, language and culture. This has brought us into much closer contact with Georgian families. We currently have over 65 children in our classes with new interest each week. We organize frequent evenings in our studio which include visiting performers from Georgia and our own events as well. Our programs serve an audience of 5000-10000 each year.

Our children’s dance classes and choreographic ensemble, “Georgia”, have currently over 35 children between the ages of 4 and 17. The instructor/choreographers are Irina Khutsurauli and Roini Margvelashvili, both former dancers with the Sukhishvili National Ballet of Georgia. Our music classes have 24 children who take classes in voice, guitar, piano, violin and folk instruments, with instructor Tengiz Shautidze.

Our Staff

  • Artistic and Gerneral Director: Victor Sirelson
  • Choreographer: Vladimer "Dato" Goderidze and Temo Tskikhiseli
  • Studio Director: Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson
  • Men's Choir Director: Davit Chkuaseli
  • Studio and General Manager: Tsutsa Kapanadze
  • Children's Georgian Dance Choreographers: Teimuraz Tskikhiseli and Ketevan Eriashvili
  • Music School Director: Tengiz Shautidze
  • Ballet School Director: Ani Gadelia
  • Theater Directors: Davit Toprakashvili and Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson

Be Part of Our Community

We are a growing community sharing a common interest in Georgian culture, immigrant life and the practice and enjoyment of the best of art and culture. If you would like to become involved or simply learn more, you are most welcome to visit, email, phone or write.

Contact details

We can converse in English, Georgian and Russian.
Phone: Victor: 914-522-3888; Lika: 845-642-4823; Tsutsa: 347-257-2741

Email: info@dancingcrane.org; vsirelson@gmail.com

Correspondence: 6401 20th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204 and 9 Dekay Road, Warwick, NY 10990